Friday, October 31, 2008

Manhole. I like that word. Manhole.

mei and cheryl come over for a while this afternoon.

"oh my god.. i look like yimayyy!"

and mei found cheryl's kryptonite!

and they tried to get me to wear yellow too,
but i wanted to spare jou's eyes. :P

walked to ou and met up with jou at waffle world for a snack.

suzette crepe.

cheryl's banana caramel.

you could tell that jou wasnt too happy about mei and cheryl's apparel.

went to gsc to watch the house bunny.

"what's your name?"
LOL. watch it and you'll get what i mean.

came out from the cinema and there were these people giving out some kinda halloween stuff. heh.

hah! she has one too :P

jou wanted some kebab, headed to kebab king.
i completely forgot that we were suppised to go to shinlin/kenny rodgers for dinner.

heh. told you she wasnt so happy about it.

i got a weird phone call when i came out of the cinema today..

jou and i went for mr kong's after that.

if anyone wants to know,
levin lam weii yong isnt dead.

--earlier today--

mwaxmwax trixha honey, who just got a new blog. :)

now the dilemma is..

keep it short..
(phase 1) (phase 2)
oh my, my teeth!

or leave it long? =/

i miss my world jam hair (and skin and size)..
sorry jou, i know you dont like the pictures small

comments, please :)
kinda in need of some help here heh.

it's like catching lightning the chances of finding someone like you,