Friday, October 17, 2008

i never thought i'd ever.....

it's been raining a lot lately..

went to mama's kitchen again before add maths tuition with jou and munyi.
mei, you were missed.

potato shoots.
i think jou wanted to be a tad bit healthier this time.

munyi liked it too :D

i liked this, some kinda wan tan mee.

and of course, claypot lou see fun.
i find it amazing that both jou and munyi don't take liver. at all.
oh well more for me :D

munyi dulan her bowl.

jou was trying to fit in.
munyi and i're both left handed.

haha. retards.

i've been going insane with add maths for the last 2 weeks.
add maths tuition on monday, tuesday, thursday, friday and saturday.

funny how you were once significant.

anger doesn't die down,