Monday, October 6, 2008

i'm feeling nostalgic.

would you believe me when i say this was 10 months ago? -minus zu.

and 6 months ago? -minus zu and yoke.


the grass is certainly greener over there.
i mean c'mon, lookit the state of our school field. -what field?

jou, cheryl, this was the place i was telling you guys about.
went out for dinner with uncle ben, uncle edward and aunty jean, and my parents.

all the way in bandar manjalara.

heaven for the crab lover.
34 types of crab, if i'm not mistaken.

some kinda artificial abalone which tastes like the real thing!

personal favourite :)

some kinda fried lala.

fried marmite sotong.

mantau, which goes best with..

butter crab! :D

my favourite among all others.

this was something new, some kinda herbal soup crab which was really nice.

oh, and i only eat the claws. :P

p/s: sorry for the bad picture quality, forgot to bring my camera and was depending on my 2 megapixel phone camera. =P

oh, the irony of it all,