Thursday, October 23, 2008

yet another day with m&m.

i go out with them so much, i made a lable just for outings with them.

munyi followed us home in uncle eddie's van yesterday.
made a split decision to have lunch, but we went to mei's house first.

had some spaghetti, chicken rice, and yau char kuai first,
then we went to .99 steakhouse.
gosh, haven't been there in a while.

i like mei's AC/DC hat.

munyi was watching someone juggle bottles on the tv.

mei and her her mango drink thing.

sticky date pudding!
it aint so nice no more :(

i know they said we should have desserts last but.. =P

decided to have oxtail soup at the last minute.

and munyi's hainanese chicken chop which kicks ass.

went back to mei's house to get our stuff.

stopped to play with mickey for a while.

walked to munyi's house
"it's just 270 steps away!"

i was trying to do my cambridge essay, which took me 2 hours btw.

was to busy getting distracted by..


mei's daddy has cool toys yo.

"eh you gila dog you\'re not a cow why the heck're you eating grass?!"

i like this pic somehow.

later at night, i had cambridge and i wore the AC/DC hat.
*to conceal my day-old hat hair.

adjusts cap.
i think i look good in this hat. don't you think so?
mhmm. yes may.
*turns to yinyii, a girl from bu3 who barely talks to me.
dont you think so? :D
*laughs at me

my english essay today was so full of crap.

"the sun shone brilliantly, the birds chirping melodiously in harmony with the gentle swishing of the tall grass. the grass beneath my feet stretched unknown acres, blotted with colourful wildflowers. with all that beauty god has blessed us with, i could only see her.


my samantha."

i hope pn shanthi won't think i'm lesbo after she reads it.

he's a love machine, oh he makes me dizzy,