Monday, October 20, 2008

it makes me wanna scream.


killer week coming up,
monday- physics 2 & sejarah 2
tuesday- add maths 2 & chem 2
wednesday- bio 2 & bm1
thursday- english 1
friday- physics 3 & mod math 2

next week,
thursday- add math 1, chem 1&3
friday- bio 1&3, math 1

next next week,
monday- physics 1
tuesday- sejarah 1

oh and guess what?
dec 2 & 11- CPE cambridge exams.

do i look like i care about what john hay invented?
about why pressure is inversely proportional to the area?
about the colour of the product of ammonia solution and magnesium?
about hydroponics and aeroponics?

do i look like i need english tuition?!

no. i absobloodylutely don't.
but i have to care,
and i do.



i'll be away till i calm myself down,