Wednesday, October 15, 2008

like YOU, your majesty.

..with my thighs.-the other boleyn girl.

followed jou to myT to finalize her design stuff.
jou's so damn fussy.
"if i had a customer like me, i'd kill me."

i'm starting to fall in love with devi's corner.
THAT costed me 4 bucks.
eh free flow of poppadom okay!

after finishing half a tong's worth the last time,
the waiters now call me poppadom.

jou wanted to go to mama's kitchen..

clay pot lou see fun is good shizznitz.
and creamy buttered sotong kicks ass :D

for the first time in days, i felt overstuffed.

p/s: check out the video on jo's blog. i think its super cool :)

5 minutes of uninterrupted eye contact,