Thursday, May 28, 2009

BOOM BOOM! Firepower!

went out with joo today. it's been a loooooong time since the last time we went out.

took her to new york new york to try the food.
she had a salmon velvet sandwich and i had a mo' mushroom sandwich.

and we ordered some really kickass cheese and sour cream nachos.

woo. i love the food there, seriously.

went to gsc at about 2 to watch night at the museum 2.

we sat at cheryl's at munyi's place,
you know, the one with the two retarded chairs in front?

then when this whole big gang of people came,
i realised that we were supposed to be at seats B05 and B06, not E05 and E06.
*smacks self on the face

kahmunrah: [dramatically] i have come back to life!
*awkward pause
larry: no, i heard that. i got that. welcome back.

quite good la, but i expected it to be abit funnier.

went to sushi zanmai for tea after that.

tried out some vegetable miso thing cause i was still freezing my ass off.

joo had some machi and macha parfait thingy.

man, she looks as happy as munyi does when she has a jelly cake.

so did you enjoy your day so far?
yeah! good food.. good movie.. *pause
*raises eyebrows.
and good friend!

hehe. thanks for a good day joo. :D

oh suzen,
here's a lil something for you.

*inside joke.
i can picture either you in stiches or you with your (-.-) face. heehee.

5 and a half O.o