Thursday, May 28, 2009

wishlist 2009. - updated.

what i want and need that people wouldnt be able to afford
` canon eos 1000D and canon 480 ex flash.
i've had an slr on my wishlist for about 2 years already. sigh sigh.
` nokia n79.
the white one's so prettyy.
` new running shoes.
some idiot stole my new ones. or rather, i lost them but same difference =.=
heehee mommy got promoted.. can right can right?? :DDDD


what i want or need
` a pendrive.
lord knows what happened to my previous one. eheh.
` towel hanger.
mine kinda resembles a rocking horse now.
` jeans.
no really. i kinda want new jeans.
` shoes
mhmm a pair of converse.. kinda tired of walking around in flipflops.
` those green wedges from pull and bear
no not the potato thingies. the type of heels. :P
` that hot pink top from esprit
it's so pretty haha.
` a white fedora
the current one i have is black and the rims are too big.
` socks
all my socks look like extra skin on my feet so yeah.
` sports bra
my old ones aren't very comfortable anymore.
` underwear
ahha i can never get enough. not boxers tho O.o

what i like in particular?
` stripes
` black
` purple
` green
` footwear

okay i shall stop right here before i go nuts and start asking for a personal cook or a pony or something. heh.

the countdown begins..