Sunday, May 17, 2009

don't read or you'll be many hungrys

mhmm. good food coming up. ;D

thanks for the surprise ;)

spend the whole afternoon trying to do physics but ended up listening to uncle hok seng talk about history. lol.

went to checkers again after tuition, with minghan and daddy's friends.

super kickass enchiladas.

aglio olio spaghetti.

seafood pasta.

barbecued leek, bleurgh.

jamaician chicken, my favourite.

pork knuckes.

blue mackerel, minghan's favourite

lord of the ribs (i'm getting bored of posting this up ever time -.-)

mexican pork and sausage.

beef cubes.

desserts were the usual rum cendol and mud cake. bleh damn jelakking.

and the host got to pop a bubbly. kekeke.

ben giving his two sense about.. i dunno, something.

see the wine bottles? that's not even 1/4 of the amount of bottles there -.-

kl wong and jean debating about something.

yulian and shim

and the people sitting at the table in the corner were theater actors.
you know, actors studio bangsar and all that jazz.

dominic giving venetia an early birthday kiss.
psst, happy belated birthday, by the way!

haha. he got along with the bunch just fine. :D

went home slightly earlier than the rest after dessert
watched music and lyrics with minghan at my place.

sophie: i'm just here to cater to the plants.
alex: and you're doing a marvelous job. although, that one is plastic.

awesome movie full of dry humour. lol.

and after my dental appointment yesterday,
i got to eat the beef ball noodles i've been craving for after so DAMN LONG.

man. orgasmic stuff.

tripe and beef.

mhmm. :D :D tapaued a packet back for minghan, he likes it too kekeke.

thanks, dr. ed for lunch!

i went to klang with a bunch of people from church for seafood for dinner.
after getting like 3 times, we finally got to the place at about 8.

went to coconut flower seafood restaurant, which in teluk gong.
god knows how people can find restaurants at such secluded areas.

the stray puppy there was soooooo cuuuuutttttteeeeeee.

spinach soup

oyster omelette

bamboo lala.

nestum butter mantis prawn

fried calamari

steam mantao

fried mantao.

claypot butter crab

sweet and sour crab

ahha i like kevin's shirt.

kenny and jia ling.

piero, from germany.
*psst munyi :P

aunty yoke kheng


fuyoh aunty yoke kheng working it.

a very happy chung en.

went to pak li at bukit tinggi for supper right after that.

tiramisu coffee.

cucumber juice

ipoh white coffee

cendol (which i emptied 3/4 of the gula melaka bottle into)

ice mango thingy.

bread with butter and kaya.


kenny and aunty yoke kheng.

piero and kevin.

jia ling.

and chung en.

kenny was playing taptap revenge the whole time.
lol. shoud've taken a video, it was hilarious.

piero and kevin, thank you for dinner and supper last night :)

oh, and by the way,
happy 88th birthday, uncle chan!

blew 16 candles out in one puff. woo.

oh and i came face to face with a great white shark in klang yesterday.

you know, these?

as a matter of fact, it drove me to klang.

and sat next to me for dinner last night.


watched bruce almighty with minghan at my place again.
good movie. maaaannn damn funny.

ghost, tonight at 10.30 on 8tv.

the best malaysian series i've ever seen.
if you watch this series and you're reading this,
leave a mesage on the cbox or something and tell me how awesome it is. ;)

okay, here's you update you buncha whiners!

65% of midterm papers left.

joy to the world.