Wednesday, May 27, 2009

koo-koo-ka-choo got sccrrreeewwweeeddd.

went for some chicken rice at kd with minghan's family on sunday night.

kar heong. hmm.

veggiee. chinese lettuce or something like that. O.o

pork ballssss and prawn wantan.

salted chicken! :D

charsiew and siewyoke.

thanks for dinner aunty. :D

since the exams were over, one whole big gang of us went to ou today after school.
lol was supposed to be a small thing but it ended up with like, 13 of us.

went there at 3 with suzen, walked around, then met up with hazel and yeehua at nando's for a bit.

lol. bimbOs playing chest.

suzen and i got takoyaki heehee.

yeehua still refuses to take pictures. mhh.

ashvin and mei met up with us after that and i followed them to studio r for a bit.

reebok has some pretty ugly shoes on sale now.

met up with the others at starbucks,
then went to armani to fetch sieuminn since she didnt know where starbucks was -.-.

headed over to GSC at about 5.30.

yup, all thirteen tickets which i bought the day before.

they all wanted to watch wolverine,
and since i had some free birthday ticket thing,
i used it for that.
i can never get enough of remy lebeau. oh and hugh jackman too.

after the movie, headed over to new york new york for dinner.

yoke and minn didnt join us for dinner tho. was joined by minghan shortly after.

wanted to try out the food there since ages ago.
and man, i'm definitely going back there again. :D
oh and we received a call from jou when we were waiting for our food. :)

mushroom and roasted salad.

onion rings.

some kinda, er, balls.

smoked salmon velvet sandwich.

new yorker sandwich.

double barrel sandwich.

lamb rendezvous sandwich.

spaghetti bolognese with meatballs.

spaghetti vongole.

fish and chips.

vegetarian lasagne.

hawaii teriyaki chicken chop.

yup, lots and lots of food O.o.

subliminal messaging. ;)

and cheryl made munyi very happy by getting her a jelly mooncake.

cheryl lulu and ed.

mark and zen.

hazel and cs.
*she's cheating on you! she's cheating on youuu.
heh you know you love me :P

chinbabi and mei.

minghan and i. and parmesan cheese.

walked around abit more after that.
so that's what i've been doing from 3 pm till 10 pm today.
i'm so dead tired i can die.

a break from exams.

no more desperately cramming facts into our heads 5 minutes before the exam starts.

and there's no need for mei to bring a table fan till the next exam.

i'm back bitchessss :D