Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day! dinner at Lafite.

mommy, i know i'd be at church for the whole morning and tuition right after,
i'm sorry i can't spend the day with you..
i hope this video makes up for it? haha.

i love you mommeh! heehee.

hope you wouldnt mind the mistakes in the playing,
hope you wouldnt mind what i was wearing and how oily my face/hair was
hope you wouldnt mind the camera scuffling at the end with chantum

**mind you, i'm not some piano prodigy or anything,
i havent played the piano in 4 years
and to actually achieve what i did in the video took lots of practice.
trust me. :)


my mom treated us to dinner last night :D

went to lafite, shangri-la for dinner on saturday night.

they had a huge-ass wine cellar.

and a really cool fountain :D

i liked the flower box thing on the table. heh. so random.

the emperor.

the empress.

the emporer's best friend.

the other princess.

and joining us for the first time, minghan. kekeke.

the food there had only one word to describe it all.

f a n a n t a n a n s t a t i c.

which just means, super the damn gile fantastically awesome.

man im so shyiok sendiri shoot me

the starters.

roasted pecan nut with onion bread.
even their complimentary bread kicked ass.

truffled tagleitelle pasta.

foie gras volume 3.

main courses were small portioned.

aunty laygaik's 'melt in your mouth' lamb shank.

minghan's twice cooked sablefish.

my european pangrilled seabass.

daddy's 58°C beef short rib.

mommy's duck 'almost a la orange'.

ordered some dessert to share.

lafite chocolate bar.

tropical dream.

lemon tree.

and complimentary chocolate.

haha jou.. i know you like thisss. xD

oh and they had huge-ass wine glasses too. O.o

which gave me and idea..

ahha ping.. remember this? :P

daddeh and mommeh.

aunty lay gaik.

ming :)

on the way out, i wanted more pictures. heh.
by the water.. pillar.. fountain.. thing?


moozie and daggles.

yeah ming.. you wish.
maybe when you really make it big as an architect la.

i was still damn hungry after,
though everyone kept dumping parts of their food on my plate cause i finish my food the earliest and thought that it wasnt enough for me
no wonder im so fat kns.

it was a good dinner.
thankyou mommy.

oh and in case you guys were wondering what the occasion was,
it wasn't cause it was mother's day.
my ever so hardworking mom got promoted. :)
congratulations, really well deserved :D

mai moozie izz de beshh dere izzz :D