Friday, May 29, 2009


i'm gonna do this kenny sia style.
imitation is the best form of flattery.

sixteen things i did when i was sixteen.

1. went on a few holidays with my friends.



penang again,

and clearwater.

and during one of those escapades,

2. i caught a fish.

3. lost two friends to australia.
curse australia -.- technically we're still friends but they physically not here T.T

4. but gained one at the same time. :)
who took me around kl as part of my christmas present.

5. and taught me how to waste money play foosball.

6. but i also earned money for my first job at pasti's.
stupid hideous orange uniform, made me feel like an animal.

while we're on the subject of animals,

7. i went to the zoo for the first time since.. more than a decade ago.

8. discovered the wonders of online shopping :P

9. went for my first nuffnang event ever.

10. and the second, dressed as my favourite music celebrity, avril lavigne.

speaking of celebrities..

11. met a local celeb, juwita suwito.

12. went "clubbing" for the first time ever.
(kakiis night out, they didnt serve alco to the underaged kids)

dressed up as reindeers and got lucky, really lucky.
and won an itouch, a phone and a pendrive with the help of these two darlings. :D

speaking of dressing up..

13. dressed up as the bride of frankenstein for leo forum's horror night.

14. dressed up as santarina for my parent's christmas dinner,
and again at jou's christmas dinner.

15. showed my support at terry fox run kl 08.

16. showed my support at earth hour 09.

*events aren't arranged chronologically.

and today, i turn seventeen.