Sunday, May 24, 2009

stuff that's been going on lately..

went to watch angels and demons.

in malay, antara malaikat dengan jin.
sounds like some spunked up love story la but whatever.

watch it okay, it's damn good.
parts of the movie weren't the same as the novel's, but yeah it was still damn good.

and mommy's new car came.

gotta admit, it's pretty sleek and sexy.

went for an early birthday dinner at moxie, damansara heights.

complimentary rolls.

caesar salad.

welsh rarebit foie gras.

tray-baked field mushrooms

seafood nage and smoked trout

roasted olive croute cod.

lasagne primavera.

pan-roasted chateaubriand.

lol, my dad's chocolate ice cream.

the waiter cutting up the very big, juicy, tender steak. *slurps.

daggles and moozie.

aunty lay gaik.

and aunty margaret.

complimentary. :D

some kinda chocolate lava cake. kickass.

heh. abit mengada right, celebrate so early.

and minghan's been really busy with his final projects.

and i've been helping him a lil.. or trying to.

ah, the life of an architectural uni student.

and i've been going for stuff that's been going on at church,

sarah allis yang came to speak for a few days this week.

and on the same day,

we had a mini farewell for piero, he's leaving for germany tomorrow.
we'll miss you piero! spread the malaysian love in germany okay!
lol jilat badan saya wth.

and chungen, who was supposed to leave for china lord knows how many years ago's still here.
and he liked me camera. very much. :D

and i had wendy's chilli earlier today.
many awesome. heehee.

and of course,
get well soon sherwin!

go and sue the ass of that doctor weiii.


3 freaking days left waawaaweewaaaaa,