Saturday, May 30, 2009

one awesome day. :)

thank you, thank you. :)
thanks for all the wishes in various methods,
phone calls, smses, cbox, msn, face to face, cards, facebook (43 wall posts ftw?)
thank you, each and every one of you! :D

so things started off since thursday night,
came home from tuition and was surprised by my parents with a strawberry yogurt cake.

it's so pretty..
and the cake kicked ass.
from cake sense. ahha.

thank you mommy and daddy. mwaxmwax.

so the next day started off with a phone call at 5.20 am, from jou.
ahaha i thought i was dreaming okay!

so minghan picked me up to go to school. ahaha.
thanks for waking up so early after sleeping so late, even though you didnt have uni. :)

went to school and was bombarded with wishes, left, right, up, down, centre
(cass, rebecca, melissa and natalie.. lol)

and minghan picked me up, went home to change and went to ou for lunch.

went to my current favourite place to eat, newyork newyork. hahha!

man these are seriously damn kickass lo.

beefeater sandwich. woo. damn good. aaahhh!

and a new york coney dog.


went to the pet shop next door.. the cats there are so cute!

ahaha. see. so cute right?

walked around for a really really long time.. window shopping here and there.

got mored of ou and went to the curve.

watched monsters vs. aliens.

in 3D!
ahaha. the glasses are pretty annoying tho.

and i can tell you, it's a damn damn random show lo.

* mr president walks up 3234120923094 stairs to be face to face with alien robot.
* mr president starts playing crazyfrog on the piano.
like wtheck? =.=

dr cockroach: might we ask for your name, madam?
susan: susan.
bob: no, we mean like your monster name. you know, what do people scream when they see you coming? like "look out! here comes...?"
*awkward pause
susan: susan.
bob: SUUUUSSAAANN! ooh, i just scared myself! that is scary!

came out damn frazzled. it's seriously the most random show i've ever watched.
but damn lol-able la.

oh and there's some bird park thingy in ikano.

ever wondered how they got these display birds to not fly away?

damn random though.


went to 19th century at the curve for dinner.
it's such a pity. cause the food there's damn good but because of it's location, it was pretty empty..

located opposite viva pizzeria or something like that at the curve. :)

chicken caesar salad.

bufallo chicken wings.

carbonara. woo. damn good, but damn jelak O.o

lasagne. looks like it exploded in the oven or something.

ahha. mingyhannyy.

and it's hanny's hunny. kekeke.

thanks for the awesome day hun. :D

presents (that i've got so far) will be in a seperate post..

wait for it, wait for it.