Monday, May 4, 2009

what's been going on lately..

dinner last sunday at bangsar puteri with my parents, ben and lilian.

he wanted ESPN.

3-steamed egg.

fried butter sotong.

belacan lala.

steamed fish.

ben and lilian.

moozie and daggles.

a lil gift from lilian from bali..

thanks lilian, i really liked it :D

minghan picked me up after physics tuition on tuesday night.
headed over to his place for chung en's farewell party.

he didnt manage to get his visa on time so he'll be leaving a bit later.
abit potong la but whatever :P

have fun in china!
i heard their food there's absolutely awesome, and the people there are damn friendly and clean.

went to ou after add maths tuition on wednesday with minghan to buy movie tickets for wolverine for friday night.

went to carl's jr. for dinner.

hey, real unprocessed potato punya potato chips.
"dont blush, we're showing some skin."

chilli burger, portobello mushroom burger.
kickass kickass :D
still, nothing compared to the one in singapore but oh well.



ahha. cute.

went to visit sherwin at the hospital on friday.
here's how it went.

ming, suzen, mark and i were at mcd's, centrepoint at 9 am, eating and making sherwin a card.
left at 10.30, headed for damansara specialist hospital.
got to dsh, bought him a nice big smiley face balloon.

wasnt sure what room he was in, 308 or 380,
so ming walked into room 308 and saw an old lady getting a jab in her ass.
messaged sherwin and he said that he was at home for the day cause the doctors told him to go home.
went to sherwins place, and waited outside cause he was out for breakfast but was on the way home.
came back and told us that he left the hospital at 10.30am and went to mcd's, centrepoint for breakfast.


LIKE THAT ALSO CAN !!?!?!?!?!??!!?

had carl's jr. again, for lunch with suzen, mark and sherwin.
rushed off to chemistry and bm tuition after that.

minghan picked me up and we went to ou to watch x-men origins: wolverine.

hugh jackman, :D

in my honest opinion,
guys watch it for the action. violence. whatever it is guys like about xmen.
and the girls watch it for the guys.

zero (daniel henney),
though this picture just makes him look like a triad's worker

and my personal favourite.

gambit, remy lebeau. (taylor kitsch)
*hau sui. he's just so DAMN cool in the movie.
oh, and gambit's birthday's on the 8th of april.
figures. kekeke.

the next day,
headed over to akarkarya after addmaths tuition to help sherwin audition the bands for prom.

trixha, nadira and hariz were the main auditioners.

here're some videos nadira and hariz managed to get, the others are with trixha i think.
the videos really didnt do any of the performers any justice la, except maybe esther's.
they sound a lot better in the studio than in the videos -.-

sorry yeah, nadira sesatted a bit and took the video like that. :P

went to defoodland that night for dinner with my parents and aunty lay gaik.

i think we should stop ordering the four heavenly kings veggie thingy.

same with belacan lala.

crab with salted egg.

crab in chinese wine.
see all that chinese wine?
guess who drank it all up. xD

cantonese fried. mmmm.

moozie and daggles.

aunty lay gaik.

random pictures from 2:7 class today.

me, khaiweng and jane.

went for lunch at neighbourhood, uncle hok seng's FAVOURITE coffeeshop.

and this is khaiweng.
he's like this on a normal basis.

and as for dinner tonight,
went to hoho steamboat, jalan ipoh.

some tofu thing i didnt touch.

we had 2 plates of that. damn super gila alot.


extra fuchuk and yam,


fish noodles.

fried dumplings.


the parents and their friends,
who kept talking about relatively disturbing things and picking on ben all night long.

i'll be back on saturday.
or maybe sunday. :D

you call what i'm supposed to do, lies?
scout law #7; the 5th commandment.

exams're coming soon. *bites nails.

kepala otak lol,