Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Jou!

still my fav pic of us to date. :P

exactly 4 years ago,
we celebrated our bday at zaaba with domino's.
man we thought we were so cool hanging out at zaaba all the time didnt we? :P

exactly 3 years ago,
you were in the plane on the way to where you are right now,
and i was having shogun with the girls after sports day.
and you were whining the whole time about how you spent your bday on the plane.

exactly 2 years ago,
we celebrated our bday over HECKLOADS of raw chicken wings and pizza at bukit utama.
the security guards there were freaking anal yeah?

exactly one year ago,
we celebrated our sweet sixteen with a burst of colour,
a very very tiny con job leg of lamb
and a sleepover at surian.

this year,
you'd be celebrating with your family in aussie,
while the rest of us back here will be slaving over bio 1 and sejarah 1.

and this year, you're gonna be a VIP guest, not the host. :)

and the last party you had was pulled together in 4 hours. =.=.


feels so weird planning it all without you now.

who else'll be willing to dress in the same clothes for a party with me?
who else'll i dare to ditch when we're supposed to jump into the pool as the opening ceremony?
who else'll whine and whine about my end of the guest list?
who else'll tell me to chill when i'm stressing over the small details that dont matter?

i dont think crumbly would.

anjua ho?

ah well.
i guess i gotta look on the bright side,
35 days till you come back! :)

and hopefully by then, i can drive you around.
take you to good places to eat, and yes you shall eat and not do your whole healthy diet thing.

it's malaysia.
you wanna diet you go back to the land down under where there's nothing much to eat but healthy fat cows.


i miss you, jou.

sorry, i know you wanted something interesting to read,
but all i'm feeling now is just emoW emoW emoW.

heh sorry boss. i'll call you later. :D


and since we're having physics tonight,
i shall tell mr. ariff to wish you a happy birthday.
or maybe we'd give you a video call, if you're still up and dr.madammesister hasnt told you to get off yet.

you suck for leaving jou, but i still love you :D

mwaxmwax, xoxo :)