Monday, May 11, 2009

random food outings

so on friday night, i went for supper with ming and darren at some kopitiam at kd.

darren and his noob glasses lawl.

ming was starving.

and i had this mega craving for barbecued chicken wings.

dunno why darren took the picture but yeah.

check out his shirt.

the next day,
went to central market for lunch on saturday after add maths tuition.

yup, it's inside central market, first floor.
nyonya food.

they even had the whole old school coffee thing. with the strainer and all.

coconut rice O.o

super damn good curry fish head.

jiu hu char.

cincalok omelette,
would've been nicer if it wasnt so oily.

bubur chacha,
kun, your mom's one is still the best la.

my mother's eating rice =O

daggles stoning.

my mom liked the deco there,
and i gott admit that it was quite nice la.

two kinda big buddhas behind me.

check out the screen in the background. totally cinaoldschool.

some traditional medicine cabinet.


i liked the toilet.

went to shangri-la that night, which was posted seperately.

sunday was a really busy day,

starting off at 9 for church,
rushing off to extra add math class till 4,
then off to youth, and straight to dinner.

dinner was at d'italiane kitchen, at jaya 33.

i think their cups were cool.

a pretty mediocre caesar salad with smoked salmon.

super gila cheese lasagna.
ming, i bet you'll LOVE this.

angel hair and chopped mussels.

not so good spaghetti marinara.

and kickass beef stuff with cheese and bacon.

raspberry mascarpone.

tiramisu, a very different kind.

my camerawomannn.


and moozie.


back to the books.
or trying to.
i'll see you all on saturday.