Thursday, June 11, 2009

many boredom

yesterday was a really boring day.

followed my grandparents to ou to get their bus tickets back to penang,
then minghan came over for a bit.
we went to jasema with suzen and mark.

bought a couple of dvds..
and we watched confessions of a shopaholic.

becky bloomwood: you speak prada?
luke brandon: ..occasionally.

damn though. it wasnt to my expectations.

ate dinner at home with everybody, and went to minghan's house after that.

mingyue was watching one of my all-time thigh-slapping wtf-thats-so-gross but-so-damn-hilarious favourite movie ever.
forgetting sarah marshall.

i love aldous snow.

we gotta DOOOOO somethingggggg.. woo.

and after that, we stoned for a while..
and we were so bored..

we turned on both our webcams and screen-shot-ed ourselves.
yup. we many bored.
cept that he was doing his assignment while i was in the midst of complaining that i was bored but whatever. heh.

and i video-ed jou! :)
this is what jou looks like when she talks to me.
hahaha. skype is awesome.
msn video calls suck.

yeah, that's how my hair looks like,
like how it did in december, only... different. abit.
tuitions, tuitions, tuitions.
i need a life.