Thursday, June 25, 2009

youtube mode back on

i love fred.
he pisses the hell out of everyone. besides me.

i love laughing like an idiot at idiots.

i love youtube. sometimes.
i'm temperamental.
youtube sucks cause they don't play music videos anymore.
but i still love youtube. sometimes.

in life, i've leaned a lot of things.

i've leaned to read, i've learned to write.
i've learned to love, i've learned to blog,
i've learned to eat, i've learned to drive.

the one lesson i've only recently stumbled upon?
i've learnt that sometimes,
people really aren't who they seem to be.

sometimes, it's a good thing.
sometimes, it's just downright disgusting and disappointing.

one thing i've failed to learn, to understand,
is how people can't seem to realize
that what they've done, and what they're doing
actually hurts the people around them
and some more than others.
i'm not being a hypocrite here. but yeah.
that's one thing i'm really looking forward to learn about, soon.

my lips like sugar,