Monday, June 29, 2009

minghan's last day of term was today,
so we made a split decision to watch transformers on the way home from school.
my first meal as a freee maaaannnnnnn!!!!!

we caught the 2 o clock show at gsc with minutes to spare.
soldier: you know how God made us in HIS image?
...who made HIM?
*refers to optimus prime

lol. a really well acted show, but like terminator (and every other robot show),
i just didnt get it. wasnt matrix like, a seperate movie?

went to ikea for a really dinner.
meatballssssss :DDDDD

delicato and daim cake.

mmmmm yummyyy.
at the plate, i mean. ;)

i canNOT get enough. seriously.

i know it's rather off to wear shades indoors, but the sun was IN MY EYES.
why didnt megatron or his egyptian looking master take the sun while they could =.=

bearings and spheres,