Sunday, June 7, 2009


went to ou with minghan on friday night.
was supposed to watch 17 again but they had no tickets =.=

went to shihlin for dinner.
man i love their oyster mee sua.. heh.

watched terminator salvation instead.

if you like lots of action
lots of skeleton looking robots
lots of christian bale
and lots of kepala-pening-ing camerawork

you'll like this movie.
but i didnt understand what the hell was going on,
so i was just damn bored throughout. lol.

followed minghan to makbul for his mini high school reunion for a bit.

since i needed to go to the airport to see chungen off at 4am in the morning,
i stayed over at the ho's residence with mingli.

yeah, i went to LCCT with a bunch of people at 4-5ish.
and i forgot to bring my camera =.=

so yeah,
take lots of pictures and post them up on facebook or something.

went to defoodland that night with the family.

belacan lala -.-

braised tofu with abelone-like shellfish

claypot drunken chicken.

black stout spare ribs.

crispy butter sotong.

mantao :D

salted egg crab.

sweet and sour crab.

daggles, moozie and aunty bee.

ah ma, aunty jenny and uncle frankie.

aunty lay gaik, aunty ong and uncle teh.

and my new, plastic, rm15, buggy-eyed shades. heh.

may and buggy.

mingli and buggy.

minghan and buggy.

eheh. i was damn bored la okay.
it's been a while since i camwhored anyway :P

heh sorry jia ling.. was too much of a kodak moment to resist taking. :P

minghan tried to macro ariel's face. -.-

stupid boy -.-

wen to giant, kd with minghan and mingli to get some wendy's..

bought some back. heh.

hmm. he's getting better at using the camera.

oh and i've been trying to use photoshop for the last few hours..
it's been driving me mad.

the only thing that looks reasonably nice that can be done in 5 minutes.

and we don't even need photoshop for THAT. -.-

this is pathetic.

glacier :D