Friday, June 5, 2009

what i couldn't blog about over the last few days =.=

i have no idea what's been going on for the last few days,
whether it's blogger or the internet (most probably the latter)
so yeah.

so on saturday morning,
i followed my mom to the market to help her get the stuff for the party.
went to old town white coffee for brunch after that.

dried curry mee, which wasnt all that fantastic.

their hor fun.

and brown bread with kaya and butter.


aunty bee and mommy.

headed over to KLCC after that cause we needed to go to isetan to get the beef.

stopped by our (and su-zen's) favourite pan mee place near jalan raja laut.
it's been a while since we've been there.


man i love the pan mee. except the egg, ew.

g-mama again.

that night, we went out for dinner with uncle teh and aunty ong.
went to sri ayutthaya.

some kinda.. i dunno. it's kinda like kapur?

heehee daggles.

lol at g-mama.


all in all,
i really, really loved the food there.
but then again, i love thai food so i'm pretty damn biased :P
kerabu mango; yam mamong.

baby fried sotong; pla kerk oon thod crob.

they're TINY!

soft shelled butter crab; poo nim oon thod grob cha.

prawns with petai; look patraw phad kung kha pik.

steamed fish; udon tani.

chicken green curry; kaeng kaew waan kai.

seafood tomyum; tomyam thalay

their choice of dessert O.o

ice kacang.

durian cendol.. ew.

thab thim grob. :D

mommy, uncle teh and aunty ong.

chantum and g-mama.

daggles and aunty bee.

daddy =.=

thanks uncle teh, for dinner! :D

and sunday was a real triple kill for me.
this year would probably be the best birthday celebration ever.
heh. i am honestly, honestly, very happy
(as if you guys couldnt tell in the previous post)

so besides a dinner the previous week with my parents,
bethesda house church celebrated our birthdays as well on sunday.

secret recipe's brownies.
fuyoh jelak jelak.

kevin, 7th june,
mingyue, 6th june,
valerie, 22nd may (i think)
and me. :D

we could only blow out our own candle.
not remotively easy okay.
heh. skill.

mingyue is batman. megatron. whatever.

he used his hand to blow out his candle. O.o

and er, kevin, i dunno what they're doing.

later that day, went for youth and had yet another celebration.

this time with rachelle :D

no candles this time..

but match sticks instead. =.=

thanks guys, the cupcakes were awesome.
though the red stained my braces and teeth
and made me look like i was haemorrhaging in the gums.

rushed home with minghan to prepare for the barbecue.
had to help my mom set up the fire for the two barbecue pits..

mark helped quite a fair bit. heh. thankyou mark!

and i was of no help.

i can do normal fires.
fires with charcoal, i cannot.

so when the fire was up,
they started cooking.
ribs, beef, lamb, chicken, sotong, sausages pumpkin, pineapple..

and literally, roti bakar.

and people started arriving, and eating and all.
lol i think he was hungry.

wengweng and amigayle

aiklynn and louis, coincidetally in the same shade of green.
lol at louis.

makan makan

and more makan.
wth is aiklynn doing in the background lol

agent zero and barney.

heh. the skilled barbecue-ers.

treeexiaa we forgot to camho' =O

ashvin trying to tap dance. and siewmun LOL

outside, many many hot O.o

very happy, hungry little boys.

this is my g-mama.

and the g-mama was having lots and lots of fun with yoke and aiklynn.

ahha she made new friends that night :D

and inside,
where it smelled less of carcinogen and had more movement of air,

mingyue, mingli and khidhir.

more hungry boys

and more people.

aunty laygaik, ben and daddy,
and chungen at the bottom there xD

they just kept hanging around that lil corner..

bluddy anti-socialites. ><

lynnette, abigail and jane.

mingyue, abigail, jane.

thirsty thirsty people.

cs, reminds me of yeehua =.=

lol i think they were quite stoned at the party O.o


munyi loves jelly cake. no kidding.

nat and aiklynn xP

siewmun, munyi,
mark, neeraj, melvin, ed,
cv, yoke, cs.

ashvin, minn, louis, nick, trixha and jian.

lol the older people

khidhir, steph, darren, minghan and ray.

abigail, mei, suzen and lynnette.

shrooms. :D

wtf aiklynn and suzen?

khaiweng couldnt keep his hands off minghan. zzz.

man, i love you guys. hahaha.

i know it's not as much as i would normally post but..
well yeah, i had some restrictions. :P

on monday, after prom committee meeting,
mei, munyi, suzen and i went to ou for a while.
mei's method of getting a cab.

got my converse shoes, and suzen got a pair of black ones too :D

went to BBQ chicken cause munyi missed the place.
though i dont think we'd be going back there anytime soon.. lol.
korean charboiled salad.

charboiled chicken tortilla.

korean charboiled fried rice.

munyi bunyii.

suzen lol.

mei why la you so eMo..

we were so stoned, we went home shortly after.

and thankyou mei, for downloading this awesome movie for me :D
kate and leopold.
watched it with minghan later that afternoon at my place.

leopold: good lord, it still stands. the world has changed all around it, but roebling's erection still stands! *to the garbage collector* that, my friend, is a miracle!
garbage collector: what?
leopold: it's a miracle, man!

garbage collector:'s a bridge.

the next day, after add maths tuition,
we all went to one utama after lepakking at suzen's place for a bit.
jiashen, thanks for the ride :D

went back to my favourite place to eat :D
their fisherman's clam chowder kicks ass wei.

manhattan smoked salmon salad.

potato wedges.

pepperoni pizza

mo mushroom and ashvin. heh.

suzen and mark, lol.

mei again, emo.

made a split decision to get mark a really early birthday present,
so we dragged him to converse.
he FINALLY has another pair of shoes (besides his leather blacks and school whites) to wear around. =.=

and and i went to watch night at the museum 2 again with them
somehow, the second time round, it seemed a lot funnier. no kidding.
checks, checks, punjabi.

jujeeeeeeeeeeeennnnn. :D

suzen and a very happy mark.

and yours truly with a very happy ashvin. mhmm.

i actually bonked my head on that thing cause i put my face to it too fast.
i know, idiot right?

are you watching closely?

that night, i was supposed to watch star trek with minghan but unforseen circumstances forced us to leave ou after 10 minutes. -.-
went to buy some dvds, and we FINALLY found the prestige. (lol minghan's mom loves the movie too)
it's like i went to every dvd shop in kl and it was right there, in taman tun. kns.

so yeah, we watched at my place.

borden: i love you.
sarah: not today.
borden: what do you mean?
sarah: well somedays, it's not true. maybe today, you're more in love with magic. i like being able to tell the difference. it makes the days it is true mean something.

woo. a damn good movie. damn damn good.

so last night,
my parents, aunty bee, g-mama, aunty laygaik, minghan and i went for dinner
at riblee's, hartamas.
havent been there since my mom's birthday last year man. woo and the food still kicks the swine flu out of everyone's ass.
good hearthy dinner. heh. i actually prefer this palce to checkers now.


roast pork salad.

spicy angel hair pasta.

crisp roast pork special.

rib eye steak.

kickass oregano roast lamb.

bourbon glazed ribs.

mud cake.

riblees oreo ice cream cake.

and according to the candles i've blown out this year,
i'm now 21 years old.

the g-mama and i. :D

aunty laygaik, aunty bee, g-mama, minghan, mommy and daddy.

oh and i watched bride wars last night.
with suzen and minghan, after dinner.

emma: you're wedding's gonna be huge. like your ass at prom.
liv: we're done.

man, ouch.

okay, here's one super dumbledore stryker megatron post for you.
random, i know.

good day, all!