Monday, June 15, 2009

at the doctor's..

so i was pretty damn sick on sunday,
and by dinner time,
i couldnt take it anymore.

since i was with minghan during dinner and my parents were at dinner pretty far away,
and the signs and sympthoms were downright clinically scary, so i cried a bit.
just enough to make my eyes red.
he took me to the clinic with their consent.

so when we got to the clinic,
the nurse gave minghan and i some sorta "knowing" look.

in her mind, she was probably thinking..
girl and guy,
young-ish looking,
parents not around,
girl crying.
yep. i bet she's pregnant.

yeah man, the look she was giving us just spelled it.
might as well wear a sandwich board with neon lights or something.

thank God the doctor was loud enough for them to hear exactly what i was down with.
and for the super strong medicine which healed me in a jiffy. wooh.
p/s: don't hold in your pee for too long. trust me. not good.

just something random that jou, mei, minn and cheryl laughed at me about over msn today. =.=


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