Sunday, June 28, 2009

hello people of the world.

i urge you to click here and read it.
comment if you wish.
jou's post from a long time ago was my inspiration. 8D

on friday before tuition,
i went to popeyes for lunch with minghan.
damn this biscuits are so good.
but when they're under-baked, they taste like friggin fried play-doh.

tried their chicken. prefer it to kfc. heh.

too much popeyes is just.. well too much, we both found out today. -.-

tapaued some biscuits to snack on. :D

heh, thanks zu for helping me get some of my books!

that night, went for dinner with the Ho's at yau tak teng.
what mingli would call art.

kangkung. :D

some chicken thing.

fried tofu.

kickass ribs. me love many many.

pouty sweet and sour fish. mhmm.

stayed at home the whole day on saturday.
it was so sad, i was driving myself insane.

earlier tonight,
aunty laygaik brought over some cake as daddy's belated birthday present.
durian cake, to be exact.

sweet mother of raisin naan.
it stank up the house and i had to breathe through a pillow to filter out the smell.
even minghan smelled like durian. ><
anyone wanna come over and finish it up or something? ugh.

heh. one happy daddy.

ghost, damn kancheongggggggg.

is it me, or am i just the bad one this time?