Tuesday, June 9, 2009

i'm getting my japanese cravings again

went to sushi zanmai on sunday night for dinner.
mommy and ahma.

aunty bee.


i never knew what this thing was called. i like it. hee.

soft shell crab maki.

smoked salmon salad.

gyuniku enoki roll, mushrooms wrapped with beef.

california rolls.

garlic fried rice.

ika sugatayaki, grilled squid.

gindara teriyaki, teriyaki grilled cod.
i loved this. kickass.
and this is coming from someone who never eats fish.

saba shioyaki, salted grilled mackerel.

yakiniku don, beef with rice.

went to walk around for a bit after that.
i own a whole lot of esprit.. mmm.
some are gifts, some self bought, some're under FAMA* sponsorship..
*father mother lol

but never a watch. heh.
pretty isnt it :D

went for a haircut and a manicure/pedicure yesterday.
"wah.. a lot of girl stuff to do today."

i know i've always said that manicures and pedicures are kinda a waste of money,
but my toenails were really becoming really disgusting
and since it costs the same whether you paint them or not,
i got them painted. and treatment-ed. finally.
and my fingernails were just. uhm. treatment-ed.
wahahaha. damn ticklish when they work on the feet.
i nearly killed her.

dark colours're always the right way to go. :P

as for my hair..
this is what i used to look like.

one word to describe that.


and as for my new do..
well it's not much to my liking,
makes me look like i put on the weight the hairdresses cut off,
but yeah.
you'll see for youself.

went to sleep over at trixha's for the night.
mei, munyi, siewmun and ashvin were there too.

watched a couple of movies..
fired up.

college road trip.

georGIA georGIA!
*does the finger thing*

and legacy.

cheerleading, college, and soririties packed with bimbos.
yup, that's the usual things that the movies we watch during sleepovers revolve around.

di mana ada trixha (dan meiyin dan siewmun dan munyi) di situ tentu ada ddr

and while all four of them were jumping crazy to difficult/expert level,
chinbabi and i were struggling with basic/beginner. lol.
man we suck. =p

and trixha's house kinda ran out of drinking water.

we got the upstairs.. like the upstairs upstairs.
*the sprial staircase that leads to the room above the first floor*
never knew trixha had a library in her house. lol.

my paternal grandparents, aunty mon and ting're coming to stay.

die la my house gonna runtuh.

just kidding.