Sunday, June 14, 2009

..because you smell like dog poo!

on thursday night, i went for dinner with my whole family and aunty laygaik and aunty margaret.
went to yik kee at taman tun.
aunty margaret and eema.

mommy and chantum.

aunty laygaik and daddy.


and minghan.

spring rolls and honeydew (??)

shark's fin soup.

sweet and sour fish.

fish paste on pork ribs.

nestum prawns

foochuk, vege and mushrooms.

fried rice with chicken and mushrooms

and the most disgusting dessert i've ever seen/smelled/tasted
durian pancake.

bleurgh. minghan was practically forcing it down my throat.
i took a whif and a nibble, and i gave the rest to my dad.
i hate durian. ew.

on friday,
went for tuition, and tuition.
stayed at home and watched this uberly twisted idiotic movie with minghan.
he's just not that into you.

it's so deep, it's twisted. seriously. kepala pening after that.

went to ms. reads for dinner.
we werent really hungry, so we shared our food.
caesar's salad with grilled chicken.

thai style pasta. damn kickass.

minghan. lol.

still not really digging the new hairdo but yeah. whatever.

nostalgic. haha.

yesterday morning,
ashvin, suzen and i went back to SDC to go for our practical driving course.
hah. one step closer to madness. :D

so for about 3 hours, we listened to the guy blab about parts of the car, and etc etc etc.

then we got to drive.
hah. driving.
it's like.. i love it..

..and i hate it at the same time.
i confused the bloody clutch pedal with the accelerator.
i nearly crashed into a DHL tank.
the lil kancil literally roared, accelerated, and the instructor kinda like, squeaked.
i dunno. why would they part a bluddy DHL tank in a driving school anyway?

suzen was damn good though
no kidding. i keep gushing about it to everybody like a proud mama. O.o

and i think yoke's dad is damn cute.
like a very angry, grumpy little boy of some sort.

went to newyork newyork for dinner after that.
the rootbeer which overflowed after i shoved the ice cream down the cup. lol.

suzen and mark's lasagna.
sigh. cheese. :(

moroccan lamb shank. damn. so. good. shit. i want more.

minn is back! ahah.
they were there with sieu ee and a family friend earlier.

suzen and mark.

oh damn, our hair looks the same.

mei.. while the other 3 were having a meeting in the toilet.

12 tickets. wawaweewa.

went up to the cinema to catch 17 again.
the acting was so good,
the kinda super the bloody sick storyline made all of us sick.

ned: what're you wearing?
mike/mark: this is cool. this is hip. there's a picture of k-fed wearing the exact same thing. what're you wearing? you're supposed to dress like a dad. you look like clay aiken.
ned: leave him out of this.

but i gotta admit,
zac efron coming out of the audi wearing aviators and a leather jacket,
now that's hot.

too bad they had to dress him up in some gay checkered shirt the next day.

toys r us has some kinda convention thing down there..
with lots of (once) white horses for the kids to crayon on.
heh. who says you're only young once, right? :D

the kids're gonna remember me. GAHAHAHA.

wanted to get bac to the car which was near haagen-dazs,
so we got a cookies and cream ice cream.. with cookies and cream topping.
obviously, he chose. -.-

come to think of it,
i'm pretty hungry now.
despite the throbbing headache.

re-reading breaking dawn O.o