Saturday, June 20, 2009

and i don't know much about classic cars

sorry for the absence.
i somehow find myself not over-obsessed with this blog anymore. eheh.
coraline. still creeping me out yo.

after church on sunday, i followed them to eat some dim sum at dJ.
minghan and khaiweng.

there was lots of food. oh yeah. lots.

heh aunty yokekheng was damn persistent about her.. prawn foochuk thing.

that night, i followed minghan's family for dinner at newyork newyork.
by then i was already feeling sick, so i didnt eat.

and i dont really remember the names of the food. heh. sorraay.

uncle hokseng's burger.

mingyue's burger.

jane's mo' mushroom. :D

minghan's double barrel.

mingli's.. sandwich. lol.

having dinner with the two of them's just plain hilarious.

jane, mingli and minghan. heh.

we were invited to run for smkdJ's sports day,
so DU sent 4x100 girls and guys team.
heh. never thought i'd see the stadium ever again.

damn kao a lot of squiggles, given free if you have some cupon thing.
hah ashvinnn!

and not bad la, we got second place out of three xD
the school's jersey pants are damn gay. ew.

and the guys, they got gold. :D
lol at yoke.

went to ikea last night for dinner cause the both of us were craving for meatballs.

west coast salad, not as bad as i thought it would be.

meatballs. *drools.

and my personal favourite, d'aim cake.

yeah man. d'aim cakes rule the world.
kudos to them swedish people who came up with that.

DU had their annual blood drive on friday, and i thought i'd check it out.
was aveline's supporter. eheh. and kinda suzen's and hazel's too.

before they donate any blood, they've gotta check out their blood type and blood pressure.
pn paramjeet donates EVERY year. respect man. O.o

louis couldnt donate blood, not too sure why.

poor ed had low blood pressure and couldnt donate either.

not too sure about natasha though.

after that whole blood pressure/type testing thing,
the approved people had to go to the donating blood place.
yoke.. and cheryl as support. :D

kiren, following her mom's footsteps.


haha chen sern kept screaming like a girl.

and the ones i really salute,
suzen and hazel.

who were each other's support. eheh.

the needle was frickin big dei. ngh.

one pint-full of hazel sauce. mmmm.

happy donors. :)


class page is done!

pst, wait for it, wait for it..