Sunday, January 10, 2010

ABL 2010: KL Dragons vs Philippine Patriots

one whole big gang of us went to MABA, KL yesterday evening.
oh yeah, it was the first time i went to a bball match like this
and honestly, i thoroughly enjoyed it.

the game was good. i never thought i'd ever scream for a team i barely knew about.
it was kinda scary sitting in front of aiklynn though, cause all she did was scream.

kl dragons won 77-59 though. woohoo.
too bad siewmun, it's okay, i'm sure they'll go back and eat some tasty balut.

there were lots of photographers and news reporters there today too.
watch renee on astro channel 304 on either wednesday or thursday at dunno what time..
lol. sorry iForgot.

and during the breaks, we were entertained by
chow kit's best.
nah just kidding. just very racily dressed cheerleaders.

the kid sitting nearby was really cute.

and yeah, where there're cute small kids, there you'll find aiklynn.

after the game, i followed aiklynn to help her get a picture with probably the star of the night.
that was all she was screaming the whole night, btw.

the weird hamsap uncle who danced with the cheerleaders.

forgot the guy's name. help me, someone?

and another person eugene called out, we made him so happy that night.
cheered for him damn a lot for no reason.

siewmun's hot masked man.

natasha with rudy.

and him again with natasha.

brown from kl dragons.

headed to nirwana at bangsar after that for some banana leaf rice.
aiklynn and aiksha.

pauline and kun.

mei, gene and nat.

jou, mei and siewmun.

lol. stoner.

nat and i. :D

so yeah, probably going on the 17th for the s'pore match. mhmm.

thanks ed for helping us out with the tickets! :D

still pending:
dad's xmas party
london paris.

p/s: i'm gonna start adding tags for siewmun, nat, aik, pau, kun, cs and whoever else soon.

dont scold me la please T.T