Monday, January 18, 2010


went for a day tour.

it was damn frigging cold sitting on the open top, the temperature was 0°C.

how often do you see traffic lights turning from red to yellow?

russell hotel. looks so olddddddd.

trafalga squareeee. haha reminds me if monopoly.

they had this weird car thing that brushes the roads. no wonder london's so clean. -.-

daddy and his video camera.. :(

so yeah, moozie and daggles sat in the semi covered area cause it was frigging cold.
i sat at the open top area, and my lips turned numb after 5 minutes.

so yeah, lots of pretty building pictures for you.
the big ben up close.

did you know that they named big ben after the guy who designed the bell, not the tower?
the dude who designed the tower was richard, and brit's pet name of richard is dick.
so 'Big Dick' might've caused some sorta controversy somehow..............

big ben and the houses of parliament. whooo.

this, my friends
is the tower bridge.
NOT london bridge.
i know, i know, i didnt know till jie and ping told me. lol.

the hair was already starting to turn orange. :(

moozie and daggles with the tower bridge.

so we got down at the tower of london.
it used to be a prison, a zoo, an execution site, they kept the crown jewels there..

yeah, jack of all trades?

traitors gate. O.o

needed to wait for a bit for our turn to go for a cruise on the river thames.
went to have 'rubbish food' according to jie.

me and a bigger tower bridge..

let me remind you,
tower bridge,

london bridge.


the london eye.

some big victorian building. prettyyyy.

dr jack's obscene building.

that's only a few of the many buildings we saw on our 45minute-long river cruise.

went back on the bus to continue our tour of the city.
spotted CIMB in central london, lol.

stopped by harrods for a bit.

remembered what jie said about harrod's specially made krispy cremes.

that was.. lunch. oh, so unhealthy =/.

saw the princess diana and dodi memorial.

apparently there're some jewels somewhere but we didnt see it. O.o

red grand piano, signed by elton john. daymmmm.

lots of chimneys.

i think orchard road's x'mas decos can beat oxford street's anytime.

got back home only to head out again.
heh my mother gets cold really easily.

i love the supermarkets in london.
went to waitrose at brunswick behind jie's place.
the whole row, CEREALS. can you believe that???

and this is just the beer. damn i should've taken a picture of the wine. -.-

got home and showed each other what we bought.
cynthia seemed to have gotten some sorta lucky streak with bargains.
she bought two beanies for 50pence,
and this bathrobe thingy for what, £2?

dinner wasnt too bad.

honestly, the microwaved indian in london is actually not that bad.
too bad we didnt get to try indian food in london. :(

the ham there kicks ass though. :D

heh, a bit of malaysia in the UK magazines.

is it lagging? :(