Sunday, January 17, 2010


woke up really early the next day cause of the time difference and all.
though, waking up to juicy tasty sausages always makes me a happy one :D

all geared up for the boxing day sales crowd. O.O.

and daddy and jack went for some football match after a bit of shopping.
fulham vs tottenham.

we took the bus from outside jie's place
hehe my sister. sokute.

big red double decker bus!

ah, i miss my bright red hair. =/

and one thing about london's buses,
they go THIS CLOSE to the corners. I'M NOT KIDDING!

boxing day sales.
the day the real monsters of london come out.
that, my friends, is the line to get into NEXT.

yeah. that's probably not even one one-hundredth of the boxing day sales crowd okay.

first stop:
la senza. yeah, i did mention that the only thing i bought from uk was underwear, right?

and clarks, for the adults. lol, the men came out with 2 pairs each.

jack in his new clarks, and jie. :D

ping and jie :D

went into selfridges but the crowd inside was so insane,
and despite the boxing day sales, after conversion the things there arent all that cheap.
so we walked out empty handed.
spotted zhu shen though.

stopped by boots, and that particular outlet was a FRIGGING 4 STORY PHARMACY !


and spotted zhu shaun as well. :D

went to the four seasons (restaurant) for lunch.

the grass/vege is certainly greener on the other side..

it was all pretty regular chinese food.

but apparently, madonna orders the duck from here and gets it shipped to new york.
fat, FAT duck. the way ping and jie like it.

my personal favourite was this lamb stew thingy. kickass :D

jie and ping ordered the food.

and mommy and cynthia fought for the bill.

i just shutup and ate. :D

so shopping around took most of the day. didnt do much after.
probably the longest escalator i've ever had a chance to 'ride' on.
lol jou, ELEVATOR!

london's intricate underground map. makes the malaysian one looks so pathetic.

headed over to camden town to check out this superhuge sainsbury's.

they had a lot of funny things in camden town. like, seriously.

but the megahuge sainsbury's was closed. (-____-*)

zen has the mini version of the fellytone :D

so, sorry for keeping you guys waiting.
i'll stop here.
hQ said if i post up too much, it'll lag their computers
and he woudnt be able to write the speech for the prime minister or something equally visionary.

i love you all,