Wednesday, January 6, 2010

jou's x'mas gathering.

don't say it.
don't scold me.
pretty please? :D

so what felt like aeons ago, jou's mom had some christmas gathering at their place.
turkey, baby.

so i went to jou's place and was greeted by..
pauline. and her big orange balloon. ;)

jou and cheryl.


they were wrapping presents upstairs, so i just sat there and stoned.

our host; junior.

strawberry head! lol eemun gave her that at our bday party in '07.

xoxo baby. mmm i haven't seen you guys for so long. besides pauline.

ET! lol ms. cambridge.


and her beloved cousin. hmmm.

jou's mom and the turkey's stuffed ass. :D

the food was good. i liked the turkey a lot.
aiklynn and i finished the terrestrial sized wing. mhmm.

jou's mom had some kinda treasure hunting game. damn fun. hahaha.

jou's cousin/nephew, so cute!
he got a horn for the gift exchange and he wouldnt stop playing with it. -.-
wonder who's fault that is, ey?

pun and kauline! ahahaha. reminds me of humty dumty.

and i have 95945805 pictures of you guys doing the hamburger face.

-.-. i should leave denise lying around too much. zzz.

looking good, you two. i wanna see you guys soon. :(
aiklynn and i. COME TO HELP, SERIOUSLY!
and yes, i like my new phone couch.
my dad does too, that's why he took it and is using it. -.-

i miss my ultimately red hair. it's turning orange.
i'm gonna be full blown harujuku by feb, i swear. T.T

modelicious, baby. you wanna be on top.. top.. top..

thanks for having me over. you owe me a mamak session, darling.

will start updating about avey's farewell now.
really, sorry for being gone for so long. ;)