Tuesday, January 26, 2010


we woke up extra extra early that day.
needed to get to king's cross st. pancras to catch the eurostar to paris.

unhealthy breakfast again. T.T

took the bus to king's cross. spotted a whole row of black cabs.

dr jack & cynthia.

see? it's turning orange!

moozie and daggles. :D

they had these two performing, it was quite cool. damn reggae jamaican etc etc.

them with the train.

it was about a 3 hourlong train ride. damn boring. =.=

arrived at the gare du nord station and headed over to republique hotel.

and over there, to our greatest amazement..

the world's smallest elevator. it fits about 2 people. and one suitcase. -.-

paris is all about petit. seriously.

the room was damn small compared to travelodge.

rested for a bit, then we headed out to galleries lafayette.
i prefer london's underground, hands down.

and this, my friends, is a shopping mall.

probably the prettiest shopping mall in the world.

asthetic value, baby.

LOOK AT THAT WEI. haihhh damn prettyyy.

next stop,
the notre dame. mhmm.

close ups:

left the notre dame and started walking around looking for a place to eat.
that thing right on top, it's solid gold baby.
if you have that in malaysia, confirm no more wei.

spotted paris's version of petrol kiosks. it's like, along the row of shops. lol.

after walking EVERYWHERE, looking for some vietnamese restaurant that closed down,
we ended up at one row away from our hotel.

daggles and dr jack enjoying their beer. mhmm.

okay the food in paris. is. AWESOME.
some salad with smoked fish. when i first saw the fish, i was like UUURRGGGHHH.
cause it was grey and slimy and. yuck. but it was GOOD STUFF.

butter rice, grilled salmon and potato balls.
forgot what it was called in french, but the rice was KICKASS.

chicken and macaroni. sounds so typically american but the chicken was super good.

chocolate mousse. super rich.

creme caramel. yummy yummy.

dr jack's apple pie.

and the petite coffee. -.-

look at that fatty. tsk tsk.

us with the owners of the restaurant.
very VERY nice people.

now, who said french people were mean?