Thursday, January 28, 2010


to our greatest surprise,
'our' bakery was open on new year's day. bought more pastries for the train ride home and etc.

most of the shops were closed,
but we dropped by printemps ('prawn-toms').

snapped a few photos.

your paris trip will never be complete without
` visiting louis vuiton (and getting one)
` getting pickpocketed
` visiting the eiffel tower.

so eiffel tower we visit.

met a malaysian couple who helped us take this picture.
finally, a picture with the 5 of us together.

bat mobile kao kao. this, my friends, is a merc.

went back to republique area for lunch.
peter's cafe, in english.

french onion soup! mmmm.

foie gras. yummy yummy.

tomato and mozerella salad.

daggles' steak.

cynthia's mince steak.

seafood salad.

carbonara with foie gras.

the best tiramisu on earth like SERIOUSLY.

the bald french waiter had an slr so i assumed he knew how to use mine. :D

went back to gare du nord to catch the eurostar home.
our ticket, by the way, was a self-printed a4 paper.
when we got back to london, we met up with jie and ping for dinner.
the euston flyer. finally, english pub food.

stout. mmmmm.

shepherd's pie and steak and kidney pie.

chilli con carne.


i THINK this lasagna.

mmm family :D