Monday, January 18, 2010


still needed to adjust to the time. woke up at 4 am or something like that.
cynthia warming up the crumpets :D they're like mini pancakes.

daddy, butter and crumpets.

breakfast comes hand in hand with BBC world. ahh i miss watching BBC every morning.

jie's stash. i bet he's hiding a lot more under the couches or something. O.o

fanta, baileys (!!!!!!!) and malibu.
the best liquids in the worldddd baby, i'm not kidding!

cynthia rearranged jie's poker set, HAHAH and they tried making me fold the plastic bags too.
nearly gave jie a heart attack, apparently.

headed out to oxford with moozie and daggles.
should've taken pictures of the countryside, it was an hour long drive.

when we got to oxford, we took the pick&ride bus to the town centre where all the shops were.
periodic table taxi. it's oxford, after all -.-

it's so cool how all the buildings in oxford look so... artsy fartsy.

moozie and daggles. :D

shopped around, the boxing day sales were on there as well,
but the crowd wasnt as insane.
i bought a pair of nike sneakers for £14! :D

the food in england is generally better. maybe cause their cheese is made of better milk -.-

the college there looks like a castle. O.o

the shops too. O.o.

really pretty buildings.
what's that word that describes a building with artistic value again?

gargoyles. omg i loved that disney cartoon! who watched it who watched it :D

returned the rented car to heathrow airport and took the tube back to russell square.
that would be, 18 stops. about one hour plus.

followed jie and ping to tapau fish and chips at covent garden.
rock and soul fish and chips.

the italian owner was really nice. hahhaa.

he let me take pictures of him frying the fish. LOL.

kickass fish and chips for dinner :D

and they gave a DAMN BIG PORTION of chips for free.

thank you for getting the food jie :D

oh oh and i saw this at one of the underground stations.