Thursday, January 28, 2010


on new years eve, the only day we could do any shopping at all, we headed out at about 9ish.
went to the bakery down the lane where dr jack and cynthia used to buy their pastries.

and of course, i had the all famous croissant.

mmm sultana rolls.

some kinda bun stuffed with some stuff. heh.

we kinda tapaued the pastries and went back to our hotel room to eat.

and the hotel's really cool, there're like murals of john lennon,
the eiffel tower and whatnot all over the room, the staircase, the doors and wtv.

headed out to champs -elysees.
(pronounced shawn ser lee say or some shizz like that)
the arc de triomphe. see all those black thingies sticking out at the top?
people can actually go up there.
too bad we didnt have the time (or patience on mine or dr. jack's part) to line up and all.

and probably the store we all were looking for...
the biggest louis vuiton store.. in the world.

5 frigging stories of LV goodness. woo.
no. 101 avenue des champs-elysees.
ohhhh yeaaahhhh.

wanted to go to the musee d'orsay.
heh, my dad's leg was minorly injured. geddit geddit :D

the station was pretty big, it took about 9 different lines i think.
and they had cool graffiti-like murals too.

i was so afraid of stepping on dog poo, you have no idea.

pretty isnt it :D

the slightly obscured eiffel tower. it was really foggy that day due to the cold.

daddy and dr jack on the bridge otw to the m'O.

apparently the locals got this 'memoir locks' idea from a movie.
looks cool and somewhat meaningful, no? :)

part of the m'O.

of course, we didnt go in cause..
the queue was, as dr jack puts it, awesome.

strolled over to the lourve after that.

mini arch des triompe.

the lourve glass pyramid and the palace of versailles.

the main point of the picture is actually the obelisk, but yeah.
i told you traffic in paris was bad. -.-

dropped by rue de faubourg saint-honore which is apparently some fashion high street.
stopped by bottega veneta and mommy and aunty cynthia got a bag each.

went back to the hotel to rest and clean up before leaving the house again.

vietnamese food, 17 underground stops all the way in tolbiac.

and if you think it's weird to go all the way to france to eat vietnamese food,
you're wrong.
that's like saying that it's weird coming to malaysia to eat indian food or something.
a very different kinda spring roll.

the vegetables and stuff that you put in your...........

kickass vietnamese beefball noodles.
omg i'm craving for that, right this second. T.T.

and traditional vietnamese dessert which kinda tasted like pandan kuih bakar.

woo. it was a really FILLING dinner. look at the size of the damn bowls!

started out journey to Basilique du Sacré-Cœur,
or, in english, The Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus of Paris.
which was the highest point in paris, might i add.
looks a bit like a mosque, doesnt it?
and yeah, look at the crowd ><


but yeah, new year's up there,

it was so cold that there was fog all over and we couldnt even see the eiffel tower.
we were waiting for the fireworks,
and then everyone started screaming and shouting at each other in french or something.
didnt know what was going on, then we realised that it was already the new years.

apparently 14th of july is the only day in the year when they have fireworks. sigh.
oh well. it was pretty pleasant watching people around play with sparklers,
and some brought their own roman candles as their own form of fireworks.
though, some went off and hit the crowd up front.

yeah, a pretty unorthodox new year despite being in another country,
while you guys back here were getting high at edmund's place.
*....mah head isss spinningggggg.....