Wednesday, January 6, 2010

avey's farewell party.

there would be a certain brief period of time when one by one,
my friends would start to leave for their studies.
and yeah, jou and jo have already left,

and avey left for canada on the 26th.

she had a farewell party long, long ago :P heh
*again, don't scold me la k? :D

kinda helped her plan the party one day when we were at the RSC library together,
supposedly studying for bio. heh.
but yeah i think it went well :D

there was food, lots of food. O.o
pizza, chicken, jelly, cake, drink zomg mingyue&minghan's rainbow juice was the bomb.

so the party was basically eat, talk, eat, talk, eatalk.
suzen's the real gossip girl, baby.

and you shouldn't be surprised that guys do it too.
though the king, mr hQ, wasnt there that day. hmm.

yoke took most of the pictures, so i'll just post them up la. heh.
mizz ponz.

ira. lol i hope we didnt scare you too much :P

cause we be hornehhh.

i know you want me, you know i want you.


and siewmun, as she always is. :D

and, really, munyi and mei need so many takes to get a perfect picture.
tsk, pauline.

and, tsk mei.

tsk munyi -.-.

ah, there you go.


huien and mingyue.

mark and sean, haha both in orange.
mark, didnt you and markC wear light blue to minn's thing in 08 or something? lol

peckie and minn.
:O i know, minn's actually at a party, right? :P

schmoozen and aiklynn.

ah, bromance truly touches my heart.
the ming brothers.

mmm nic and david.

omg yoke -.-
i have so many pictures of 'yoke and ------'. =.=

yoke and paulineee.

cheryl and yoke.

yoke and jou. :D

huilyn and lihwen.


schmoozen and pauline.

rifdy and audreyyyyy.

hazel and peckie.

aiklynn and chen! hahaha. so cute.

yeehua and hazel. and mei. lol.

pauline and jouu.

mei and peckiee.

cheryl and i :D

lihwen and siewmun.

rahul and minnn.

yanleng, yinghan and lulu!

ah, there they go again.

aiklynn, suzen and i. hopefully, HOPEFULLY, we'll be in the same classes no?

munyi mei and yoke.

zen wen minn chui and hua. TAHAHAHA.

GG/SNSD or whatever the hell they're called =.=

and hello.. rempah girls?

the guys.. and huilyn.

the people who got the table to eat.

i think i have one too many pictures of lihwen and peckie -.-



we need more men. -.-

but then again, girls still ftw.

yoke our mega-pimp. hearts hearts.

but yeah.
i know i should've taken more pictures of avey but she was running around quite a bit.
we miss you, lots.

hard to accept the fact that the smart girl who helps me out with every subject

is now practicaly 24 hours away. :(

please, keep in touch k, specially now that you actually HAVE facebook :D

i miss you at RSC. :(

on the side,
my once strawberry red hair's now turning orange.
i blame the water in europe. T.T

okay, up next, my dad's christmas party.