Sunday, January 17, 2010


it's been about 2 weeks since i got back, and the trip for about 12 days long.
cut me some slack okay :D

cause horng qing said that my blog lags like hell and no one comes to my blog anymore :(

on christmas eve,
aunty laygaik and minghan dropped my parents, cynthia, dr jack and i off at LCCT airport.
my bag was slightly overweight ><
shucks, shouldn't've packed in so many clothes, i didnt even use half of em!

had a quick bite at old town white coffee after checking in our luggage. mmm butter kaya toast.

i still think the passport thingies are quite cool. iJakun :P

so while we were waiting for our plane, we walked around looking at the duty free stuff.
so much chokret and liker. -.-

about an hour later, we had to board the plane.
and of course, since it's air asia, we had to walk on the tarmac or whatever it's called.
and since air asia's a budget airline, you've gotta pay for every single thing.

so i had 14 hours on the plane with no on-flight entertainment.
for the second time in my life.
it was not. fun. at. all.

but oh well. at least i got to sleep quite a fair bit. and watch my mom play taptap.

arrived at stansted airport, london at about midnight on christmas day.
in london, EVERYTHING is closed/not running on xmas day, even the public transport.

so we rented a car, citroen c5, and headed to travelodge nearby.
highly recommended! it's about £19 a night onwards, and it's really clean and all.

thank god we missed the snow storms. O.o

they had some midnight coffee in our room.

bet dr jack was craving for a beer. heh.

bald trees are so eerily pretteh :D

on christmas day,
we left and headed to central london, where we would be staying for the rest of the trip.
lol. my mommy's so cute.

stopped by mcdonald's for breakfast.
after8 mcflurry.

heh, a good, unhealthy start.

bagel & bacon. sigh if only malaysian mcD's could ever anything like that..

after getting lost a few times, we finally found our way to bloomsbury mansion, russell square.
the ladies started heating up jie's leftover turkey and sausages from the night before

and the men were talking about what to do and where to go. i think.

and since it was christmas and i was the 'kid' over there,
i dove for my present from ping and jie first :P
my first pair of tigers. super comfortable wei.
thank you ping and jie! :)

this was my room for 5 days. super comfortable bed and a damn awesome duvet.
thank your housemates for me ya jie :D

and he had a mini domokun and a.. bun. lol.
i didnt know that domokun was actually a toasted building-eating bread too. lol.

after that,
my parents, dr jack, cynthia and i headed over to canary wharf.
seagull. i was so fascinated by the birds over there.

canary wharf. i've got no clue what it is but it was bloody cold over there.

completely underestimated london's -1 to 5 °C wintertime temperature.

it was so cold, all of us ran back into the car to avoid getting frozen to death.

big fat pigeon.
told you i was very fascinated. cute isnt it? :D

went over to greenwich (i think)
forgot what this indoor concert stadium place was called. gosh i'm so lousy. -.-

we didnt really do much on the first day..
cause everything was closed in conjunction with christmas day.
so yeah.

one hugeass odeon theater nearby.

took a short drive around the city since the roads were supposed to be empty on xmas day.
st paul's cathedral.
one word; magnificent.
i had to stand across the road and lean up against the building to take the picture. lol.

passed by the marble arch. lol. i thought it was big,
till i saw the arc the triomphe.

went back and did some grocery shopping and had a home cooked dinner.

cynthia's cousin, anusha came over from waterloo. :D

so yeah, that's day 1 for you. :D