Saturday, November 1, 2008

i'm sleepy but i can't sleep =.=

well my parents didnt bring me anywhere fantastic for dinner
but they brought home awesome food from ipoh :D
went to ben's place for dinner.

daddy was knackered.

trying out ben's brand new rocking chairs he's so proud of.

uncle ben's alco collection -.-

hah! he cooks!

waited for jane to arrive, then we started eating.

ben's home cooked four angled beans.

ipoh's famous fried salted kampung chicken which kicks ass.
i had one whole chicken to myself before leaving for dinner :P

and the highlight of the day..

the picture looks horrible :(

yeah it's actually curry chicken in a bun but the paper made it look like crap.

stayed for a while for a chat.

my parents are so cute.

here jou, here's my before 12 hours is up update. -.-

--earlier today--

sorry, not over the whole house bunny thing yet :D
run joanne, run!

went for training today,
dear lord the weather was flaming hot.

followed them to kimwah for breakfast..

thank you cheryl for constantly feeding me :)

jo.. hahaha. i love jo's blog. #1 source of entertainment.

it's a wonder why jou's still so camera shy around me -.-

suzen was the ah-long for the day. gangster.

and siew mun, who refused to take her 'cape' off.

mascot. give it a name :)

my parents abondoned me for ipoh.

and im lazy to walk out -.-

rawr. better take me to someplace nice for dinner :)

short hair it is then :)