Monday, September 28, 2009

the all-american rejects, brought to you by digi. :D

the demand for the all american rejects concert not-for-sale tickets is getting higher and higher by the day. decided to help a few people get theirs.
went to ou with minghan and suzen for the tickets and lunch.

at the digi stall thing, their sim packs were completely sold out. same at the digi centre on the lower ground floor. we bought the digi sim packs from this small mobile phone shop on floor B1 and went back up to the digi stall to get the tickets.

13 sim packs, to be exact. eheh. had to leave the sim packs with them for them to register.

went to mark's laksa for lunch cause suzen and i were absolutely broke after getting those sim packs.
haven't been there in a while, their laksa kicks chow yang pasar malam's laksa stall's ass.

happy. i miss penang food.

suzen's curry laksa.

i got all her seeham (cockles). nyeheahehahahahdauhuaheuhaeue.

and minghan was nerding cause he's got an exam tomorrow O.o

went back up to the digi stall to get our tickets.
had to wait a while more cause they weren't done with the registering yet.

wawaweewa, 13 tickets to the all-american rejects concert.

suzen, helping beatrice and travis get their tickets. lol.

and i was helping mei, munyi, cheryl, ashvin, sieuminn, sieuee, ed, yoke and jian.

minghanm getting tickets for himself and mingyue.

sorry. iJakun. first concert. :P

and btw,
all you have to do is buy a digi sim pack at RM 8.50 (unless you decide to get a nicer number) and head over to the digi stall opposite xixili/jack's place/nike in one utama to get your sim pack registered and your aar tickets.
no additional charges whatsoever.

too good to be true, sometimes i just wonder whether someone will suddenly come out of no where and announce the catch live on CNN or something.
or E!, since more people (in terms of people going for the concert anyway) watch that channel.

so far so good, i hope.

heh heh heh i am very happy happy happy.

malaysian edition, but lady gaga nontheless.

okay, since i shall be spending a whole day out on the tenth,
i shall be a good girl and stay away from all forms of distraction and study to prove that i deserve to go and give my parents no reason to forbid me from going.

so i shall be on full blown hiatus till the tenth. sorry. ;)