Saturday, September 12, 2009

don't say i don't update. specially for jou and mei ;)

i'm really happy, the internet's REALLY fast tonight, took me little over an hour to get this done. :D
maybe cause my dad's not sharing the wireless cause he's watching football downstairs but whatever.

moozie took ping and i out for dinner at ms reads on friday night.
this is ping and i.

and this is moozie.

ping's raspberry cooler.

mommy's lemongrass longan juice.

my orance and peach smoothie.

caesar salad with extra grilled chicken.

fried mushrooms. not recommended, seriously.

duck confit pasta.

braised oxtail spaghettini.

ping trying to lala-fy mommy.

ping, acting innocent.

i can honestly say that, although the service there has improved,
the quality of the food has dropped quite a bit. mhmm.

went to genji for japanese buffet at pj hilton for dinner with these people.
wah. ben so sexy.

the last time we went there, it was actually a year ago when ping was back.
oysters, i think i had about 10 heh.

miso soup, one of my favourite japanese food items on any menu.

hot soba.


super fresh sashimi. mmmm :D

california handrolls.

octopus and endamame.

grilled mussels and sotong.

grilled beef.

grilled salmon.


soft shell crab :D

takoyaki which wasnt nice at all. ><

dessert! :P
marshmallows for chocolate fondue.
they didnt have the cheese fondue anymore. mmm.

vanilla, strawberry and green tea ice cream.
i was so scared to take the white one at first cause i thought it was wasabi ice cream heh.

green tea ice cream.

cheese cake, i think.

jie brought the whole tray instead of picking it to his plate lol.
cherry jelly and mochi.

as minghan puts it, heaven in a cup.
it just reminds me of 2g1c and thats about it,
sorry for that unintentional reminder.
cough, suzen.

sashimi counter.

sushi bar.

teppanyaki counter.

tempura counter.

dessert bar, which was right next to the place where we were sitting. :D

jie and ping. heh.

ping and aunty lg.

moozie and daggles.

ben banyak gaya and daddy banyak blur.


after eating for quite a while,
aunty lg asked the waiter to bring out ping's early birthday cake when she went off to get more food.
1 month early bday cake :D

heh you're getting olddddd, woman.

after our tummies were stuffed until we were bursting at the seams with fluff,
we headed over to brussels at jaya one for a drink
dunno if anyone sees the irony in that but yea. heh.
ping and her XXL hoegaarden.

fries O.o

we were joined by dr hon bin shortly after.
the dentist's eye doctor and the dentist killer.
heh heh heh.

aunty lg and mommy.

ben's trying to start a new trend. -.-

my wine cooler,
which, once added with stout
became a black velvet. :D

naked lady beer O.o

papa mama and baby hoegaarden. and ping's fingers.

lol, jie and ping.

left earlier than the three men,
went to "play" at the fountain right outside.
O.o jie looks like a monster in the picture.

mingli, mingyue, you know what to do ;)

i'll be having my 3rd 'last driving lesson' after lunch tomorrow.
i do wonder whether mr fung's sick of seeing my pigged up face. hmm.
hopefully i'll get off his back soon.
please please please let me pass this time round i'm so sick of going for the exam T.T

so mei, jou, happy for a 2-times-in-a-day update? :)