Friday, September 18, 2009

The Princess's Early 21st.

my mother planned a surprise birthday dinner for ping at las carretas,
our favourite mexican food place that ping the princess hasnt gone to yet.
minn, and whoever else who's been asking me about this place,

Las Carretas Damansara
Lot B-0-7 Semantan Avenue
10 Jalan Semantan
Damansara Heights
50490 Kuala Lumpur
Tel +60 (0)3 2093-0380

it's kinda opposite HELP/CIMB.

and when we got there, ping, thinking it was a normal family dinner
was surprised by her gang of friends.

food's up.
my mom ordered 2 pitchers of margarita.

daddy's bloody mary.

antojitos (appetizers)
free plain nachos and salsa.

nachos with beef.

potato skin.

entradas traditionales (main courses)


tortila wrap.

mushroom quesadillas.



chille con carne.


with prawn

and beef.

wagyu beef cheeks.

postres (desserts)
choco pie.

deep fried mexican ice cream.

when we were almost done with dinner,
the waiters charged out with their guitars and shoved this hat on her.

and they sang their mexican and english version of happy birthday.

heh, i dont think she minded that much. :P

family :)

agnes, helena, grace and ping.

minghan, weejoe, jonson, weijin, edmund, ping and jie.

helena, ping and edmund.

helena and ping.

agnes and me.
heh sorry for mistaking edmund as loong?

minghan and ping.

lol at jonson and agnes.

agnes and helena.

the lims, the pings?

jie and weijin.

weejoe and jonson.

lol, sorry about the crazy flash, edmund.

grace and ping.

moozie and daggles.

ping with daggles and moozie.

ping and i :D

and ping and friends again. minus edmund. lol.

oh and by the way,
ping's bday is on the 10th of october.

i love denise. :)
i shall make a tag for her.

p/s: i've changed my blog to only display 3 days worth of posts at a time to reduce the loading. sorry. heh.

little big planet is the cutest game in the WORLD.