Thursday, September 24, 2009

sun, sand and crabs wtf at sepang gold coast.

i've already missed two trips to sepang gold coast with ANC,
so minghan decided to take me there yesterday. :D

dropped my grandparents off at ou and headed to bangsar first.
dropped me off to walk around the telawi street boutiques
while he handled some stuff at HELP.

and he left his debit card with me.
*cues gold digger by kanye west.

didnt (want to) use it and i didnt buy much anyway, a top and a scarf.
the rest were bought at nichii on monday with my mom :D

but there was this reaaaaaallllyyyyyy nice pair of brown heels at mydressroom.

they were so sexy,
made my legs look so sexy..
..that i wanted to hump my own legs.

mhmm. but to buy them would mean that i would've blown my budget for the day.
sigh. what would life be like to buy anything i want, i'd very much like to know.

surprised minghan with some haagen dazs when he came to pick me up at 2.
try this flavour, berry cream. weLike, very very much.

so we started our 1 hour 15 minute journey to sepang.
doris! :))

i'm getting a tan on my right arm.
see? scarves are useful in malaysia. sometimes.

after getting lost once, nearly missing turnings about 3 times,
we got to sepang gold coast at about 3.30.

sepang gold coast is bringing the dubai palm to malaysia.
it's all villas, kinda like hotels and all.

prices start from 750k, depending on which villa you buy.
fully furnished and air conditioned, though.

they'll be done building by the end of the year.
one of uncle hokseng's colleagues took us around in a buggy.

heh the last time i was on one of these was when i was at clearwater resort. mhmm.

yeah, i'm not a big fan of construction sites.

the ceiling of what would be the clubhouse, right in the middle of the branches.

yup, apparently they've made much progress since the last time minghan was there.

there're 4 showrooms, which sgc's employees could use for now.

we got to use the ivory, the second in the range. i think. 1.7 mil?

but it's super pretty inside la, seriously.
3 rooms, 2 bathrooms and 1 hall.
a very, uhm, romantic master bedroom setting.

and this picture really doesnt do their masterbedroom toilet any justice.
the toilet looked more like a walk in closet than anything else. *whimpers.

the other bedroom.

and the large balcony (i heard the real estate agent saying that heh heh).

the view from the balcony's pretty awesome,
just don't look down if you've got a big fear of heights.

i forgot to take pictures of the other bathroom,
and you'll see the last room in a bit.

after gaga-ing over the villas for a while, we left our stuff there and went to the beach.
i need a tan.
i mean look at that. LOOK AT THAT.
i'm like roasted chicken at the legs
and pak cham kai (steam white chicken) everywhere else.


didnt do much tanning cause i forgot to bring a picnic blanket -.-,
walked around the private beach more.

low tide that afternoon. mhmm. the water usually goes up to the rocks.

and i saw so many crabs.
there were MILLIONS of em.

caught one, it kept trying to crawl off my hand.

started looking for more.

and more.

eventually i got tired of looking at the crabs
so i started throwing wet sand at them.
see those dots at the sides of the water?
those're the crabs. look like fire ants ugh.

heh. angry angry crab. there, there.

heh. iLike.

thanks honey for being my photographer and kuli while i chased the crabs into their holes.

got back to the villa for a light shower.
funny how we both KO-ed.
they converted the 3rd room into some sort of living room, so yeah. he slept there.

and i slept in the living hall.
yes i was wearing something okay look properly. -.-

woke up and did some camwhoring with richards' help.
heh its quite scary sitting up there la okay.


and it's even scarier sitting like THAT. O.O

finally, a good picture. :D

haha apek!

left the villa at about 6.
uncle hokseng's secretary, marcia came to get us.

i like sitting at the back.

i think doris enjoyed the ride too. :D

took us to the restaurant by the beach.
hey, it's called sunset beach for a reason okay?

went to the beach to play some more while waiting for the food.
nope, not yet.
see how much the tide came in?

yeah, almost there.

heh, thank you richards.


KO face x)

seafood spaghetti.

grilled beef penne.

by the time we finished our main course,
the sun was setting.

then.. the sun decided that it was funny to hide behind the huge-ass cloud. -.-

oh well..
the pretty sky made up for it anyway.

ah, good enough a sunset picture. heh.

the lamp looks like the moon, doesnt it?

had our desert as it turned dark,
black bread and butter pudding.

thanks uncle hokseng for dinner! :)

okay, last one.
bamboo tunnel. :)

thanks honey for driving me all the way there.

mwax. =}*

oh i almost forgot,
richards and the sunset.

wink. i know i'm lame, you can shoot me when you see me.

and if you stil don't get it (yeehua), here's a clue:
my camera's name is denise.

by the way,
fresh blogger! (kinda)
check out mark the best friend's boyfriend's blog.