Sunday, September 20, 2009


after dinner last night, minghan and i went to munyi's place to celebrate the lantern festival and play with lanterns.
ironically (and as expected), this was the only lantern there.

we mostly played with candles.
looking good there, mark.

so they were mostly squatting in front of munyi's place lining and lighting up candles.

this stick is so disgusting.

mark and suzen.
hahahahhahahaha mr and mrs smith.

sieuminn, aiyo what would mommy toi say if she found out you were playing with fire.

and these three, siewmun, nick and trixha, were trying to send messages to the heavens.

sedikit sedikit lama-lama jadi bukit, right?

it was a good albeit short night. mhmm.

after some of them left, munyi, suzen, mark, minghan and i went to devi's for a drink.
ed joined us shortly after.

suzen looks hungry.

heh heh. we had fun watching tehtariktv. lolz.

may, denise makes EVERYTHING look nice!
taken by minghan. mhmm, nice one. ;)

i'm watching TVIQ, with my mother. -.-