Saturday, September 12, 2009

of chilli, crab and curry.

one of taylor swift's best fans
(he's fighting for that title with lynnette you see)
happy birthday keamsunn and zara (sorry honey, no recent picture of you)!

okay la okay la here's your update you buncha WHINERSSS.
but thank you, thank you, for visiting everyday to check.
and sorry for leave you guys staring at a rather angry post where i left off last.
and no, it's not who everyone thinks it is -.-
i love you all.

went for lunch at some random pan mee place in uptown last wednesday.
ribena longan that tasted like... water and longan syrup.

some longan dessert thingy minghan had.

pork balls.. hmm not so good.

and chilli pan mee. heh.

went to .99 steakhouse that night for dinner with minghan and mingyue.
meatball pasta. heh.

king's burger.
apparently the best thing to order at .99's.



went to taman mayang for tomyam pan mee on friday before tuition.
saw this fella riding his bike like that.. lol.

tom yam pan mee at tea time kopitiam, recommended by derek choong. lolz.

it made a LOT of my hair drop -.-

went to chilly pan mee at kota damansara with mei and minghan on saturday after tuition.
mei's idea. heh.


this is normal pan mee.

and this is pan mee after 2 teaspoons of chilli.
just the way i like it.
but it sure gave me a lotta dates with my toilet the following day..

minghan's curry panmee.

and very horrible wantans. urgh.

oh damn, we DO have the same hair.

went to lala chong that night for dinner.
they moved to kg kayu ara, next to pantai seafood.
but compared to pantai, lala chong had loads more people

there were probably 700+ people there. the place is huge and it was full of people.
so yeah, lots of people means long time to wait.
pucuk pakis.

steamed octopus.
heh. cs.. i know you geli.

lala :D

these are mantao,
but i call them oil bombs. -.-
damn oily. urgh.

baked crab. woo my new favourite kinda crab.

and butter crab.
it's quite good, but nothing beats wong poh's.

moozie and daggles.

aunty lg.

and chantum.
no i didnt force her to do that.

and, i think, for the first time ever,
daggles beat me at eating the most crab.

my stash.

full moon. nyahaha. pretty.

on sunday night, we went to bangsar puteri again.
dagles and moozie.

lilian and ben the "dentist killer". :P

cynthia and jack.

ping looks like a flower.

smiley smiley mingy hanny.

we had to wait so freaking long for our food =.=

potato leaf shoots. cynthia's allergic to this O.o

ginger lala soup.
a bit TOO gingery for me eheh.

3 steamed egg.

petai sotong. yum yum :D

kickass fried mantao.

salted egg crab.

butter crab.
it had a hint of curry taste, not the normal kinda butter crab.

and this was dessert.. for me anyway. =.=
had a gastric attack when i was almost done with my dinner.
lesson learnt: do NOT drink chinese tea on an empty stomach.

went to namaste for dinner on wednesday night.
heh sorry amir, namaste's right here in ttdi, i'll drop by d'tandoor soon k :D
daggles, ping and jie.

my apple lassi. slurp.

aunty lg's mango lassi.

teh tarik.


nasi briyani.

plain naan.

fried tenggiri.

ordered a number of curries.
something different,
mushroom marsala . :D

rogan mutton.

alu ghobi
sieu minn!!

chicken marsala.

butter chicken,
my favourite. ^^

you know, most curries look the same,
the end of this post just looks like a blur mass of dahl. -.-

oh and huien/munyi/jialing/mei, look what i found -.-
astro boy.

oh and i went for my HELP SASA interview last sunday.
it went quite well, thank God :)
and i didnt know tim tiah (google him) was from HELP as well.

exams're almost over (for now)!