Monday, September 21, 2009

fish & seafood noodles at ss4.

on saturday after tuition, my whole family went to ss4 to have some fish noodles.
B & Best Restaurant
No.12, Jalan SS4C/5
Taman Rasa Sayang
Petaling Jaya
Tel: 012-295 8948

bumped into kenny and his family over there, and according to him, it's 'the most expensive fish noodles in town'. lol, wrong info there kenny, it's only true if i ordered the special trout fish.

there's fish, seafood, yellow, kueyteow, meesua, meehoon noodles, and tomyam if you want.
heh, daddy's red snapper meesua.

or you have have it dry like eekong's,

that comes with the soup too :D

and the normal kind, with fishballs and foochuk.

and i like the seafood porridge. ^^

top it off with some deep fried fish cake,

and both fried and fresh fish maw (bladder) and you're good to go.

the lim family :D