Sunday, September 27, 2009

driving on my own, for the first time :D

so as most of you guys know,
i passed my recent driving exam after failing the 3pt turn twice.
so after driving around with my dad next to me for about a week,
i was allowed to drive on my own.

and in case you guys were wondering,
this is olga, the opel zafira. :D
well not THAT one specifically, but yeah, that car that colour.

my mom was off for a wedding dinner and my dad was off to play squash,
so i was to get my own dinner that night.

picked up mei (haha, first to sit my car) and minghan next.
took a while to decide where to eat,
ended up at this place again. heh.

i really love the black noodles (suzen hates them).
*old pic.

suzen was next door at the teowchew porridge place, so she came over to join us.
had to drop minghan home cause he needed to study for his upcoming exam.
so with suzen in the front seat (cause she can drive, legally) and mei in the back,
we drove around bu, and eventually i got bored and wanted dessert.
took them to dessert bar, mont kiara.
thank god for the pencala link,
it takes me 2 minutes to get back to taman tun!

i thought dessert bar was celebrating chinese new year a little too early.

you know, with all this deco and this emo emo kinda music, it makes me feel like i'm on the set for one tree hill.
omg yeaaaa i was just about to say that!

suzen's crepe with chocolate ice cream.

mei's cheese brownie.

my strawberry charlotte,
which was kinda like a jell-o0ed up verson of strawberry cheesecake.

ahaha, the two special ones who got to sit in my car :P
my driving aint that bad right? it's just minghan and my mom who kancheongs.

i think mei should be a photographer, seriously.

why is it that the stuff i take pictures of nowadays looks like it's got a moon in the way? -.-

disclaimer: no one was hurt,
no cars were scratched and no one (except minghan) panicked while i was driving.
neither did anyone honk me (maybe cause there were barely any cars) or flipped the finger at me.

apparently my dad didnt get me when i told him i was gonna get my own dinner,
when i came home and told him that i successfully parked the car,
he stopped a bit and said, 'why didnt you ask permission to drive?'
yeah i dont think he noticed that olga was gone. lol.

it's back to school tomorrow, kids.
tick tock, spm students, look at the countown below the blog header.
pmr students, thank you for continuously visiting my blog but shame on you, go cram some sejarah, geo (damn i miss geo) and science into your pmr heads and enjoy it while it lasts. -.-

planning to go on hiatus,