Sunday, September 13, 2009

buffet at lemon garden cafe.

the internet's fast again! :D

we were actually supposed to go to sage at the gardens for french japanese food,
but they were closed.

went to lemon garden at shangri-la kl instead.
i THINK it was the hi-tea buffet,
rm 72++ per pax from 12pm to 4pm.
definitely more worth it than pj hilton :P
i didnt know it was a buffet again. T.T
my stomach was dancing with joy but my body was just screaming in protest.
oh well. joy over despair anytime. ;)

the last time i went to lemon garden, all i got was a glimpse of the buffet area and walked out with just a chocolate covered apple with minghan.

jie and ping.

there was a pretty big salad bar.
i know minn'll say away from THOSE. lol.

most salad and...
minn, i'm sure you'll love this.

my sister and i thought it was for deco,
until a man came by, broke a piece and munched on it.

pure mushroom soup.

they had a noodle bar as well.
hmmm, not so popular.

but only ping and jie would come to a buffet and eat curry laksa. =.=

grilled aubergine.. mm not so nice.

they had a few kinda pastas and pizzas.

butter prawns.

and my favourite place at lemon garden.
the place that was NEXT to the sushi bar...

the seafood bar :P heh.

chilled prawns.

no one loves mussels more than i do, believe me. :D

baby abelone.

and more oysters :D

just by eating those uh, shellfish(?),
i think i've already eaten my rm72++ worth O.o

and they had lots of fish. heh
grilled butterfish
that looked like shredded chicken after the man finished SAWING the slab of fish -.-.

steamed cod that ran out really fast.

sashimi salmon (and abelone at the back there)

smoked salmon (which was supposed to be for the salad but i nicked this anyway)

pan grilled salmon. kickasssss.

lamb shoulder with mint sauce.

and lamb shoulder with brown sauce.

some beef thingy O.o

and another beef thingy. lol.

they actally have a LOT of different kinda food.
tandoori and all that jazz.

curry corner.

and chinese food corner.

they had.. so.. much.. dessert..
pj hilton's dessert was NOTHING compared to lemon garden's.
the first thing that i spotted when i arrived. heh.

brown and white chocolate fondue with all kinds of titbits to dip.


pretty desserts-in-a-cup.

tarts :D

cakes that i didnt get to eat O.o

strawberry cream custard.

some grape moose with chocolate..

that leaked to the chair. tsktsk ;)

apricot/peach custard.
(how can anyone tell the difference, you tell me?)

'if this cup is ful of only pink sago i'm gonna scold them.'
pink sago and pandan.

blueberry, drangonfruit and strawberry mini tarts.

strawberry custard.

mommy's greentea ice cream

jie's raspberry ice cream that was bleeding.
he said it, not me.

minghan's choice for dessert.

mommy's choice for dessert.

ping's choice for dessert (?)

daddy's choice for dessert. -.-

daddy not so stoner.

heh my happy mommy.


ping, the bottomless stomach.

you, my boy, need to learn how to friggin SMILE PROPERLY AT THE CAMERA.

happy albeit overstuffed with food.

okay. tomorrow.
3rd time i'm taking this blasted driving exam.
please, oh please, PLEASSEEEE let me pass.
i dont wanna see/drive L kancils anymore.

the 'good food' label on my blog's just plain redundant.

i wonder what's for dinner.