Friday, September 25, 2009

ho jiak rip off x)

went to the chowyang (kayu nasi kandar ss2) pasar malam yesterday with minghan.
it's been along time since i've been there, i think the last time i went there was with cassandra, jaclyn and my sister when i was still in primary school.

note to self: i gotta learn how to use denise properly soon.
you'll see what i mean by my pictures really suck in this post :/

anyway, there was so much food! heh.
of course, for minghan to survive this pasar malam trip,
we needed minghan's solution to everything: coke.

started off by walking one round to see what they've got.
stopped by this sausage stall.
was very VERY tempted to buy the 'extra spicy' sausage but i decided otherwise.

got the honey one instead.

laici and soyabean pudding.

it was alright la. not sweet enough for me heh.
i look like jonny depp as willy wonka here -.-

met naomi and aunty (puan) cheng at this stall.
i had no idea what on earth this was and wanted to give it a try.

that is,
until he ate it and told me that the egg was runny.
ewwww i cannot CANNOT eat runny eggs. no kidding.

and the only form of vegetables minn eats, chai koey.

heh, we both LOVE muaci.

apom manis.

i buy 2 ya.
(thinking he was gonna buy 2 ringgit) oh okay.
nah. *hands the plastic bag with 2 pieces inside.

tapaued some leng chi kang for his family.

went looking for the laksa truck.
heh. the guy in blue scolded me for not knowing how to speak canto or mandrin.
ended up speaking bm to him which wasnt any better.

bluddy hell you sell penang laksa, learn some freaking hokkien la okay.

laksa kosong. heh.
apparently they changed people since the last time i went there,
no wonder the loooooong tapau line was missing.

washed everything down with some air mata kuching.
the same aunty/uncle goes to taman tun and bangsar pasar malam.

wow, the coke really works.

dulan faced after spilling some of it onto my feet. sticky. yuck.

felt like a jakun tourist taking pictures in the middle of the road.
better yet, i felt like the chick from that 8tv show, ho jiak.

great, now i'm hungry.