Sunday, September 20, 2009

MORE crab at bangsar puteri.

last night, we all had dinner at bangsar puteri again cause my sister loves the crab there.
the love for photography runs in the family. mhmm.

some random vegetable.

belacan potato shoots.

steamed egg.

guiness stout fried chicken.

black pepper beef.
the lamb's nicer though.

assam claypot curry.

belacan lala.

fried butter sotong.

mmmmm yum yum.
the crazy big river prawns again.

funny how i never touched any of the crab that night. lol. didnt like the types they ordered very much.
salted egg crab.

sweet and sour crab.
bleurgh ><

ping and aunty margaret.

aunty margaret and my grandparents, eema and eekong.

my parents and the bright shining lamp post.

mr and mrs ong.

the ongs and their family friend i think.

ping and jie..

lala jie and ping. mhmm.

and our picture, it's focused on the apek at the back.

starlight, starbright,