Wednesday, October 7, 2009

dis iz spam

munyi mei and i went to ashvin's house last tuesday.

and, heck, there was just a lot of denise spamming.
most photographs taken by mei.

look at munyi and doris.

i mean,

don't they just go so well together?

heehee shokute.

don't you just love the look at utter joy on ashvin's face?

apa jadi?

rapunzel, rapunzel, let down your luscious punjabi locks.

and aunty parminder gave us these wheel keropok that munyi and i sapu-ed in minutes.

look at her go.

mmmm. munyi munyi you so cute la.

and they started telling stories about guru number 2-9 hiding in that landscape painting cause their self portraits weren't on the walls, just guru 1 and guru 10. lol. sikh-ism. google it, i have no idea.

yep. it was shit funny.

and, if i knew how to make those moving photos (MPEG),
i would make one of the burst shots i got of these three idiots.

though, maybe i might wanna cut out a bit of munyi's bolster/(ashvin's) hair fetish.

i love the three of you.

you guys crack me up.

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